[coreboot] I want to use Coreboot for booting an Allwinner A13 computer..

madscientist project.amsterdam07 at gmail.com
Thu May 12 20:36:54 CEST 2016

First of all, i want to thank the administrator of the list for giving 
me a place on this.

I have an A13 based board, wich i wish to be able to start some sort of 
gnu/linux with lxde distro from an usb hard drive,

but a real hard drive and not just an usb pen or flash card. I also wish 
it to be able to boot a livecd from a usb cd/dvd unit,

more or less like a PC would do.

I have little experience in the ARM field, i had read the A13 datasheet 
and i have an idea of how does it work and interact with hardware,

but yet i'm afraid i'm not able enought to change it's behaviour. In 
consequence, i wish to ask if an image of coreboot for this kind of 
s.o.c could be avaiable for download and install into a flash ram, or, 
in negative case, how could one be built, being ready to look for usb 
mass storage trough an usb hub connected to the usb pins of the A13. I 
actually wish to have it permanently on a small flash ram and have the 
working software booting from a usb hard drive and or usb cd/dvd unit.

Thank you for your support.

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