[coreboot] Lenovo X200 running Coreboot drains 3-4W more power than with Vendor BIOS

Daniel Kulesz daniel.ina1 at googlemail.com
Tue May 3 01:41:02 CEST 2016

> > Sounds stupid, but I'm really impressed now! But... is there a reason
> > C4 is not enabled by default then? I mean, if it makes trouble, you
> > can always disable it (at least on Linux) with the command line
> > parameters as discussed previously. Imho, it should be at least
> > configurable using the regular config mechanism.
> > 
> I guess, just nobody tried it before on a ThinkPad. The entries for
> C1/C2 are most probably copy-pasted from Roda/RK9. Thanks for testing
> this through! If you don't want to go further (https://coreboot.org/Git)
> somebody else will likely write a patch ;)

Okay, but that's strange, because e.g. my X60 supports C4 although it also seems to consume way too much power. Will have to investigate that as well. I also have this other X200 with P8600 and CCFL backlight, but one can assume that the patch will work there as well. But if I find the time I can test it there as well if nobody else wants to do that. I assume once it gets in git, we will automatically get more testers anyways. ;-)

And yes, I can submit the patch but not today, it's already 1:40am over here.

Cheers, Daniel

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