[coreboot] X86 considered harmfull vs Coreboot

Alex G. mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 02:58:40 CET 2016

On 01/19/2016 12:46 PM, NTPT wrote:
> Hi all 
> I found a paper 
> Intel x86 considered harmful
> Joanna Rutkowska

She's screaming, and screaming, louder and louder, yet sadly very few
people are actually paying attention.

There isn't much we can do from a firmware point of view when the
hardware nowadays hides things from us. It's sad, but it's the reality.
And it's not just x86 that's doing this; it seems to be an industry-wide

Some people are hoping that RISC-V and OpenPOWER will not fall into the
same trend, but it's all just hopes at this point.


> http://blog.invisiblethings.org/papers/2015/x86_harmful.pdf
> describing  things that are belived are security shorcommings of x86 architecture. Many of them are bios / mb  and boot process related. 
> I am just awandering how coreboot as a  "opensource bios"  deal with this... 
> Any information ?  I would glad to hear Yours opinion . Thanx

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