[coreboot] steps before screen mods

kitestramuort kitestramuort at autistici.org
Mon Jan 18 20:01:42 CET 2016

> Hi guys,
> I just came across thinkpad forum thread where people are discuss
> hardware mods for getting FHD screen on lenovo x220/x230 laptops.
> http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=106919&start=90
> What do you guys think, will this affect coreboot at all? Are there
> necessary steps before playing with the screen?

Hi all,
I was wondering whether there was any progress on this. I have a modded
X230 and managed to patch the i915 kernel driver to disable LVDS and
get my screen correctly detected as eDP using the stock uefi bios. The
patch is attached. Now I am thinking of flashing coreboot, mainly to
get rid of the dreadful wlan whitelist, but I am afraid of losing the

Basically the mod consists of an interface board that rewires the dock
DP port (DP-3, PORT_D) to the fhd panel. It would be great if we could
patch coreboot to natively support the eDP FHD screen. I am not really
an expert, all I could come up with was to change 

register "gpu_panel_port_select" = "0" with "3" (that should be DP_D)
in mainboard/lenovo/x230/devicetree.cb but I don't think this will
suffice at all...

Here is my intel-gfx post for reference

Best regards
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