[coreboot] coreboot candidate: Dell Latitude E4300

persmule persmule at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 15:28:06 CET 2016


This is GS45, with (S)P9X00 family cpu (its sibling model e4200 uses SU family cpu),
like the X200S and X200T which is supported in coreboot (and libreboot) with 
gerrit's patch. And not like Latitude E6400, this model uses DDR3 RAM (more like X200S/T).

This model may be better than X200S/T, for it (at least mine) even lacks a ME.

Because the succeed for GS45 in X200S/T, I think it's a good porting target for coreboot. 
It would also be an instant libreboot port, once in coreboot, being GS45.

What does the community think about this? Worth it?


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