[coreboot] [RFC] board-status.git growth

Patrick Georgi pgeorgi at google.com
Wed Feb 17 23:27:23 CET 2016

Hi Carl-Daniel,

since last week I've started shopping around for options with people
who know a thing or two when it comes to storing and processing large
amounts of data.

For the problem of submitters having to download the repo, I was
thinking about setting up a relatively simple web service frontend
that allows pushing files, that are then integrated into the git repo
on the server side. It should be possible to implement that with
little effort and no effect on other parts of the existing
The status submission scripts could then use curl to PUT files, no
download necessary, authentication through gerrit's http auth tokens
(that can be verified against the actual gerrit instance easily).

Later steps would moving the data into a more suitable data store
(that's what I'm currently looking into), and could be done
transparently to the status submission scripts (as long as the web
service's endpoint remains the same), and provide some way to build
server-side and cached queries. That should also help with the
bisection issue, by not downloading the entire data set in the first
place. Of course, a complete download needs to be possible, it just
shouldn't be necessary for every single query.

Regarding server load, gitweb/cgit only touch repos as they're
accessed by users, and they scale reasonably.
Since the wiki page mostly cares about the newest entry per board, the
script that creates it can surely be reworked to scale primarily with
the number of boards present, making the number of reports a minor

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