[coreboot] Proposal - Fast Boot UEFI addendum to Coreboot

Zoran Stojsavljevic zoran.stojsavljevic at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 08:32:18 CET 2016

Hello Stefan, Patrick, and Coreboot folks,

Long time no see, because (as I stated few times), my bosses want me in the
another Galaxies to do another jobs.

The new developments and the new requirements in the Embedded World once
again pushed me back to Coreboot community. ;-)

Over this two+ years, since I brought first IVB Cougar Canyon 2 with 32 bit
Coreboot and SeaBIOS, with 120GB HDD WIN 8.0 boot loader and 32 bit WIN
8.0. I still have couple of these HDDs, sitting in my lab and collecting

I have spent lot of time dealing with 64 bit UEFI compliant BIOSes, and
with WIN 10 and latest Linuxes, doing lot of testing and creating
interesting use cases to better understand requirements for different

Few days ago, I tried to bring BYT-M (N2807) board, having there BYT-I MR4
FSP and Coreboot with SeaBIOS payload. One point in time, I decided to hook
the 32 bit IVB WIN 8.0 32bit HDD (the same described above), and, on the
first run, WIN 8.0 needed lot of time just to reinstall/reconfigure
dynamically correct drivers for the platform used. Then I brought the whole
thing again:
[1] It came to boot loader (POST 01F8 code) within a second;
[2] It came to WIN 8.0 32 bit (login) less then another second! :-)

Now... This is with CSM ON (used payload SeaBIOS), and MBR boot (legacy

Now, I would like to have THE SAME, but having done the following:
[1] FSP 32 bit as is;
[2] Coreboot to be 64 bit Coreboot, compiled for INTEL x86_64 architecture;
[3] Have the minimum minimorum of Tiano Core (just UEFI HDD/SSD UEFI boot
partition maker, everything else scrapped)!

So I can bring Embedded System 64 bit within 1 second to OS boot loader,
UEFI style (so whole creation plays CSM OFF, and it is UEFI

Do you have solution for that?

Thank you,
Zoran Stojsavljevic
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