[coreboot] RFC: coding style: "standard" defines

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Thu Feb 4 23:00:31 CET 2016

On 04.02.2016 22:25, Patrick Georgi via coreboot wrote:
> 2016-02-04 22:22 GMT+01:00 Martin Roth <gaumless at gmail.com>:
>> I don't think we need redefinitions of TRUE/FALSE
> We have no canonical definitions for TRUE/FALSE right now.
> Contributions that use them (for whatever reason) tend to bring local
> copies, and that's what I'd like to avoid.
I don't like true/false definitions neither. If we have contributions
which bring them, well, we should factor it out during review.

Arguments against true/false definitions? It's C! As we know, in C,
everything but 0 is naturally true. While redefining true/false seems
to enhance readability, it breaks with this principle. That might not
be a problem if you write new code---you usually know how you want to
interpret true then. However if you just read code you might find a
condition like
  if (something == true)
So, I expect that this comparison is done in terms of the type of
`something` (and is only "true" if `something` evaluates to 1). Is it
like that? Well, I'm pretty sure it is. But having to think about it
is already too much IMO.


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