[coreboot] coreboot with GRUB2 for ARM Chromebook (veyron_jaq)

Martin Wohlert martin at b-root-force.de
Thu Dec 22 09:47:14 CET 2016

I did not yet tried to compile GRUB2 myself and add the output of that
as a payload to coreboot. But I thought maybe I don't need GRUB2 at all.

As there are some other options as payloads too, you might give me a tip
which I could use instead of GRUB2. These are my personal requirements:

- Add my own public key so that coreboot / payload only boots kernels /
initrd signed by me.
- Ability to boot from internal eMMC and external microSD. USB Flash
Drive would be optional. But even there every kernel / initrd must be
signed by my key.

And this is my final goal:
- ARM Chromebook with Gentoo Linux
- LUKS on whole storage (except /boot of course)
- Booting only signed kernel / initrd

So does one of you guys tried other payloads (on ARM) that could meet my
requirements? Is Tiano Core possibly a candidate? I don't find
information if it supports "SecureBoot".

Kind regards

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