[coreboot] coreboot solidpc

sebastien basset sbhome1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 10:24:10 CET 2016


i ve began porting coreboot to solidpc. Have you coreboot working for
solidPC, today ?
For now, i am stuck in the init of the ram, in call FspMemoryInit:

coreboot-4.5-4-gca220c0-dirty Wed Nov 30 13:43:19 UTC 2016 romstage
starting... FSP TempRamInit successful bist: 0x00000000 tsc:
0x0000000000031628 POST: 0x30 CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at
[700100:7fffc0) CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin' CBFS: Found @
offset 4be80 size 10c00 microcode: sig=0x406c4 pf=0x1 revision=0x403
fff6e094 FSP Signature: $BSWFSP$ FSP Header Version: 2 FSP Revision: pm1_sts: 8900 pm1_en: 0000 pm1_cnt: 00000000 gpe0_sts: 00000000
gpe0_en: 00000000 tco_sts: 00000000 prsts: 00330910 gen_pmcon1: 00245209
gen_pmcon2: 00000000 prev_sleep_state 5 CBFS: 'Master Header Locator'
located CBFS at [700100:7fffc0) CBFS: Locating 'spd.bin' CBFS: Found @
offset 1e0c0 size 400 ram_id=10, total_spds: 4 POST: 0x32 POST: 0x33 FMAP:
Found "FLASH" version 1.1 at 700000. FMAP: base = ff800000 size = 800000
#areas = 3 No MRC cache found. POST: 0x34 VPD Data: 0xfff9839c UPD Data:
0xfff983b0 Updating UPD values for MemoryInit POST: 0x36 Calling
FspMemoryInit: 0xfffb580f 0x00000000: NvsBufferPtr 0xfef03e2c: RtBufferPtr
0xfef03dd4: HobListPtr POST: 0x92

Sébastien Basset
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