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On 12/09/2016 09:51 AM, Timothy Pearson wrote:

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> On 12/08/2016 11:20 PM,Taiidan at gmx.com  wrote:
>> I am wondering as to:
>> * Why 6274 cpu refuses to turbo to the second turbo state with half of
>> the cores in use (it stops around 100mhz before the first turbo state)
> The CPU will not turbo to the highest frequency unless half the cores
> are in the CC6 power state.  Have you verified that the CC6 power saving
> mode is enabled via nvramtool?
>> * Is it possible to force enable second turbo state for all cpu cores,
>> assuming adequate cooling? Or is it controlled on the CPU itself?
> This is controlled by a black box on the CPU die itself.  There is no
> way to override the settings of this black box unless you have an
> engineering sample (obtaining one at this point is illegal in at least
> the United States).  We do have some experience overclocking the Opteron
> systems through other methods, but won't discuss further outside of a
> development contract.
>> Off topic but would rather not make another thread:
>> * Does NUMA ram alignment matter performance wise with only one physical
>> CPU? (RAM being split half and half per core set at the moment)
> Yes!  The G34 CPUs are actually two dies in one package, with 4 sticks
> of RAM attached to each node (making 8 sticks per package for the KGPE-D16).
>> * Does anyone know where I could get a reasonably priced 6287SE or
>> 6284SE? or (even better) an engineering model of 62xx?
> Those are rare chips and very expensive.  See above for engineering
> samples; they're not legal here so I would have no idea.
> I hope this helps!
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Thanks! helpful as always >:D

Yes c states and cc6 states are enabled, 1 or 2 cores can get up to 
around 100mhz or so less than turbo 2 however I cannot get the whole 
advertised 8 or even 4 (i get max around 2.5ghz as reported by "cpupower 
monitor" ), my temp is 35C with full load cpu usage and my fans nearly 
off (tower cooler) so I don't think that could be the issue.

- Do mismatched cpus work at their native clock speeds? What would 
happen if I inserted for instance a 6220 in to the second cpu socket.
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