[coreboot] T430s or T430 (Was: latest greatest thinkpad with coreboot)

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sun Dec 4 00:18:01 CET 2016

On 03.12.2016 01:46, Sam Kuper wrote:
> On 02/12/2016, Nico Huber <nico.h at gmx.de> wrote:
>> The T430 seems to be unsupported.
>> Also I guess, it would only be one or two days of work
> One or two days of work for whom? E.g. did you have in mind a specific
> person (if so, who?), or a non-specific person with a specific skill
> set (if so, which skill set?)?

Well, it's a really rough estimate to be honest. I'd say one day for
somebody who already did a Sandy/Ivy Bridge ThinkPad port. Two days
for somebody who knows his way around Intel boards in coreboot. Maybe
it can also be done in two days with autoport and asking questions in
IRC (by somebody coreboot experienced who is skilled in C).

This doesn't account for hardware access (flashing, debugging) ofc.


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