[coreboot] ASUS KFSN4-DRE (K8) Automated Test Failure [master]

Raptor Engineering Automated Coreboot Test Stand no-reply at raptorengineering.com
Sun Aug 21 22:48:57 CEST 2016

The ASUS KFSN4-DRE (K8) fails verification for branch master as of commit 64444268e2eecf235af9dd77b5f6cee8c0365fc5

The following tests failed:

Commits since last successful test:
6444426 mb/asus/[kgpe-d16|kcma-d8]: Fix whitespace errors in devicetree.cb
5a85951 3rdparty/blobs: Update to get AGESA binary for pcengines/apu2
97e0a65 intel/skylake: Do not halt in poweroff if in SMM
63e424c google/chromeec: Ensure data is ready before reading it
3828e55 intel/apollolake: Do not halt in poweroff if in SMM

<10 commits skipped>

7b2c781 soc/intel/apollolake: use SPI flash boot_device_rw() for ealy stages
6f11559 drivers/spi: provide optional implementation of boot_device_rw()
5180dd2 drivers/spi: include SPI flash modules for all stages
c0a823c drivers/spi: ensure SPI flash is boot device for coreboot tables
2e03fbc util/lint: Add a tool to verify a single newline at the end of files

See attached log for details

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