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ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 19:28:40 CEST 2016

The coreboot convention is coming along very well. Just today we've been
able to schedule a talk which I think you are going to enjoy: Ms. Joanna
Rutkowska of the Invisible Things Lab, and one of the inventors of Qubes,
will be presenting her ideas on the Stateless Laptop on Monday, June 13.
Put simply, she is advocating for removable firmware modules to create a
truly stateless system. I am hoping we can also discuss using Qubes as a
coreboot payload.

If you are coming, you should start looking at hotels. There are deals to
be found. I just booked a pretty nice hotel not far from Google SF for
about 225 a night. But, warning! Apple has just announced that their big
developer week is the same as our convention. So, if you're going to come
out, move fast before the hotels all evaporate!

If you want to give a talk, please let us know soon. The talk slots are
getting filled quickly. If you have a short talk, of a practical nature, we
have 30 minute slots still open on the first two days, and will have room
for such talks on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you want to see the Long Now, it's also a good idea to register soon;
that event is space-limited due to city regulations.

Thanks,if you have questions please get in touch.

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