[coreboot] F2A85-M: Memory issues

Daniel Kulesz daniel.ina1 at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 18 03:51:42 CEST 2016

Hi folks,

I just flashed Coreboot 4.3 release on my F2A85-M (the "original", not Pro or whatever) together with Seabios and the VGA ROM. I am running the "bare" board with an AMD A4-5700 APU and two 8GB Corsair Sticks () at 1,5V.  No attached peripherals except an usb stick which I use for booting a live system. Unfortunately, I experienced the following issues:

(1) When I plug the memory sticks in the black DIMMs I get no Video, although they were working fine there before with the vendor bios. However, they "work" when inserted in the blue slots.
(2) I am getting errors im memtest86+ 5.01 in compatibility mode in mem adresses around 3700M. I tried both sticks, each also in single configuration but the issue persists. I had no issues with the vendor bios (when inserted in the other slots).
(3) The CPU temperature is reported wrong in Memtest86+ (Memtest86+ reports 15°C while it was around 35-40°C in the vendor bios at around the same fan speed and environment conditions). However, I don't remember if it reported a correct value with the vendor bios.

The memory sticks have been reported as follows by the vendor bios:

Handle 0x0035, DMI type 17, 34 bytes
Memory Device
        Array Handle: 0x002F
        Error Information Handle: Not Provided
        Total Width: 64 bits
        Data Width: 64 bits
        Size: 4096 MB
        Form Factor: DIMM
        Set: None
        Locator: DIMM_B1
        Bank Locator: A1_BANK2
        Type: DDR3
        Type Detail: Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered)
        Speed: 1333 MHz
        Manufacturer: Corsair         
        Serial Number: 00000000  
        Asset Tag: A1_AssetTagNum2
        Part Number: CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9  
        Rank: 2
        Configured Clock Speed: 1333 MHz

Are these known issues? Or maybe just a false alarm?

Cheers, Daniel

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