[coreboot] Is windows driver for EHCI DEBUG available.

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Mon Apr 4 18:00:03 CEST 2016

I have built a dongle with old version of CY7C68013 board.
I still work based on Kyosti's code in bitbucket, except building master and slave code
respectively instead of detecting PA3.
The linux terminal can be found in examples/debugdev_full_duplex/terminal.c.
The windows driver can be found in

After the USB-serial is installed, the driver can be found in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\USB-Serial SDK\Cypress USB-Serial Driver\DriverBinary\CDC_Driver\bin

For win7 x64, it is in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\USB-Serial SDK\Cypress USB-Serial Driver\DriverBinary\CDC_Driver\bin\win7\x64

We need to add Cypress 68013 device ID in both CypressSerial.inf and CypressUsbAndBus.inf.
Then we update the driver in device manger. Then we can found the COM5 in device manager.
Open COM5 with Tera term, putty, or other terminal applications.

The new version is still being worked on. I believe it is no problem.


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I recently worked with Kyosti to update the EHCI Debug cable.
You can find an updated version of the cable here, under examples/debugdev_full_duplex.https://github.com/night199uk/fx2libThere is a .PDF with a build spec based on the newer version of the FX2LP boards that are easily available from taobao or eBay. It should work with the old ones too. It is a slightly modified version of Kyosti’s original (excellent) spec that got me started.
The new cable/firmware complies with the 8-byte packet requirement of the EHCI Debug Device specification to avoid overrunning the EHCI Debug port buffers. Also in theory it should be faster (perhaps if you remove the 8-byte packetization) due to the use of GPIF streaming.
The EHCI Debug cable implements the CDC ACM spec - I didn’t modify that part at all, but in theory it should appear as a standard serial port under Windows. I’ve tested it with Linux and OS X and both support it natively through CDC ACM drivers and I believe a friend of mine tested it working as such.
Also EDK2 supports it for SourceLevelDebugPkg. That needs some minor patches as EDK2 hard-codes the USB endpoint numbers for Ajays - I may contribute back patches to read those from the descriptor at some point but it’s an easy modification to make manually. 
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Subject: [coreboot] Is windows driver for EHCI DEBUG available.
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Hi, all,
I want to build a EHCI debug dongle based on above links.
I am wondering if the windows driver of the dongle is available.
I google it but can not find it. I assume it is a generic driver.
Who knows about that?




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