[coreboot] Proposal: Removing obsolete & EOL boards and chipsets for 4.2 release

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 22:32:40 CET 2015

I think we can make it clear to AMD that we are grateful for AGESA and
their support, and the way they have helped us to get to a good place in
terms of code; and, further, we can now offer a better option, with code
that really fits well into coreboot.

I don't see demoting AGESA as a bad thing; it's a good thing. AGESA got us
to where we are, and now we take the next step: code that is well
integrated. In fact I think we're all giving AMD a huge vote of confidence
by making the effort to make their chips fit really well into coreboot,
instead of being half-in/half-out. This is going to be a big improvement.

We're not tossing AMD out; we're inviting them into the living room, with a
warm fire and a nice place to sit down and relax :-)

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