[coreboot] Broadwell IGD (on Auron_Paine)

Georg Wicherski gw at oxff.net
Fri Oct 23 14:46:50 CEST 2015

On 10/23/2015 02:44 PM, Georg Wicherski wrote:
> There is one remaining issue, when using GRUB2 as payload and using the
> at_keyboard terminal_input, the machine resets. The last debug print I
> can see from GRUB2 is from term/at_keyboard.c:367 with current_set=0, so
> I suppose the crasher is the write_mode(1) a few lines down.
> Is this a GRUB2 issue or Coreboot issue (the at_keyboard is related to
> the EC, maybe not properly initialized)?

I should mention, I observed exactly the same bug/behavior on a Peppy
board (which is pretty close to the Auron_Paine).

Using a USB keyboard, I can happily edit stuff in GRUB2 and boot into
Linux 4.x (which then crashes in gpio_lynxpoint, but I can simply
blacklist that module for now).

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