[coreboot] We provide stable Bettong code in github

WANG Siyuan wangsiyuanbuaa at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 08:12:45 CET 2015

Hi, all
coreboot is changing all the time and the patches are reabsed when pushed to
community, so it is a little difficult to provide stable Bettong code.
>From now on, AMD provides source code which is validated by QA team.
The code is pushed to github https://github.com/BTDC/coreboot
The version is identified by a tag. All the changes will be pushed to

Version: TCMEF1F0        Release Date: 09/29/2015

Changes from last version:
1. Fix external graphics issue.
2. Add board ID support.
3. Support DDR4.
4. Support SD 2.0.
5. Fix Windows 7 S4 issue.
6. Add GPIO, I2C and UART support.
7. Fix the interrupt routine.
8. Restruct PCI interrupt table (C00/C01).
9. Fix DSDT issue.
10. Fix the PCIe lane map.
11. Lower the TOM to give more MMIO space.
12. Add USB device.
13. Set the USB3 port as unremoveable.
14. Update AGESA to CarrizoPI

Yours sincerely,
WANG Siyuan
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