[coreboot] Rebuilding coreboot image generation

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Nov 21 05:08:42 CET 2015

Patrick Georgi wrote:
> I'm looking for an approach to make building Chrome OS style coreboot
> images easier to do with regular coreboot tools, instead of the rather
> large post-processing pipeline we have in the Chrome OS build system.

When designing CBFS we definitely did have fixed locations in mind.

Despite its name, CBFS is not intended to function as an opaque file system.

And it's certainly possible to implement fixed placement.

We do not need to add *another* layer of complexity here, do we?

We need to *eliminate* some of the complexity that has crept in.

FMAP merely re-invents a block layer, on top of which is supposed to
sit what seems to be perceived as a file system layer.

Come on - you guys can do better than that. And I think CBFS can do
better than that.

Can anyone see some concrete problems with Kevin's suggestion?


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