[coreboot] CBFS file format changed but documentation not updated

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Tue Nov 17 21:36:48 CET 2015

I noticed that commit 0d618afc modified the CBFS file format.  (It
looks like the "checksum" field was replaced with a new file
"attributes" feature.)  However, the CBFS documentation in the
repository (Documentation/cbfs.txt) was not updated.

It would be great if the documentation could be kept in sync with the
CBFS implementation.  (Or, if that's not feasible, I think it would be
preferable to remove Documentation/cbfs.txt .)  Having up to date
specifications helps other projects (eg, SeaBIOS) keep up with

Also, I didn't see any emails for the above change on the mailing
list.  What is the best way to keep up with notable architectural
changes in coreboot?


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