[coreboot] coreboot leadership meeting notes for November 5, 2015

Martin Roth gaumless at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 00:23:24 CET 2015

Stefan, Martin, Aaron, Patrick

* This meeting was initially set up as a consortium meeting.  We need to decide
  if this is a consortium meeting or a coreboot leadership meeting.
- It was decided that the meetings are leadership meetings, and that the
  consortium is simply a part of what is being discussed by the leadership.

* Decide on goals for coreboot over the next two years.
- Goals were discussed, but not decided upon.  Discussion will continue.

* Discussion on coreboot leadership.
- Work on documenting coreboot leadership definition, roles, and

* Review Documents:  Developer acceptance guidelines, Code removal guidelines
- Documents will continue to be worked on until they are ready for release.
- Related: A method will be devised to identify dead files in the tree

* We need a way for reporting issues (because board-status is a positive list)
- probably bug tracker

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