[coreboot] Re : FOSDEM deadlines now!

echelon at free.fr echelon at free.fr
Wed Nov 11 09:48:29 CET 2015

2 tables would be better 
(if this doesn't cost much more.. ;-))

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[DEADLINE IS NOW+48 hours!]

thanks to Paul and Florentin for announcing they will come and thanks to
Paul for submitting a talk!

Who else is coming?
Do we want one or two tables?


On 21.10.2015 10:15, echelon at free.fr (Florentin) wrote:
> +1
> * for the stands count me in : I can bring my AMD boards and if all is going well I will be able to do demos on my G505s laptop. (I will also bring various electronic stuff and tools..)
> * for the main tracks I cannot help unfortunately
> * for the lightining traks I have some (bold!) ideeas but they are not mature yet (and I must first discuss with you about this .. maybe on irc..)

On 31.10.2015 10:41, Paul Kocialkowski wrote:
> I will definitely be around at FOSDEM, not sure I should have a seat at
> the table at this point (I'm still pretty new to the community), but I'd
> be happy to come by!

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> Objet: [coreboot] FOSDEM deadlines now!
> Hi,
> we obviously want to participate in FOSDEM.
> https://fosdem.org/2016/news/2015-09-24-call-for-participation/
> Some deadlines already expired. Some can still be managed.
> Main track talks: Deadline 2015-10-30 (10 days left)
> One hour of entertainment, huge audience.
> Anyone up for the challenge?
> Stands: Deadline 2015-11-13 (24 days left)
> I can send in the proposal if I'm not going to be alone there.
> How many tables do we want for our stand/booth(s)?
> Who is coming?
> Lightning talks: Deadline 2015-11-27 (38 days left)
> Short and to the point. Your 15-minute elevator pitch.
> Can you sell the project?
> All deadlines are at 23.59 UTC
> Developer room proposal: Deadline EXPIRED
> Maybe some developer room will accept talks/demos from us.
> Regards,
> Carl-Daniel

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