[coreboot] Asus M2N-E no boot, post codes A5 80 73

Balázs Vinarz vinibali1 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 09:51:12 CET 2015

the first postlog is the same, so A5-80 in an endless loop, there was one
time when its end with 79 then shuts down itself, thistime the memory is in
the B1 slot.
I was made a video at 60fps, and its more accurate, so the sequence is
FF-88-80-88-78-72-28-29-24-29-25-55-89-73 than a shutdown, this time the
memory is in the A1 slot.
Im using a single-core Athlon64 3000+. I will have a try with the 2012
source, if i found one. Sadly im working on ramdisk, and the toolchain
compile takes a while even if 4 cores :) Im also considering to build a
parmanents toolchain, but thats my own problem at the moment.

Best regards.
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