[coreboot] coreboot leadership meeting notes for October 29, 2015

Martin Roth gaumless at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 21:46:02 CET 2015

The coreboot leadership is making a number of changes to be more open
than they have been in the past. Releasing the minutes of the
discussions that are being held regularly is another step towards this
goal.  The first couple sets of minutes are delayed a bit while
figuring out the process, but going forward, the plan is to release
the minutes by the Monday following the meeting.

Please feel free to make comments and ask questions.

Ron, Stefan, Patrick, Martin, Marc, Furquan

* Blobs policy document:
- Paul was the main commenter so far
 - Q: What's the point of contact?   A: Use the mailing list
- Marcj to post pointer to the doc in gerrit to the mailing list

* Document: Gerrit policies and expectations
- Document was reviewed.
- Martin will post it on gerrit and to the mailing list for wider review.

* Document: Things the coreboot community can improve
- What are our priorities?
 - Martin would love to see more documentation (and form a doc team)
- Discussed promoting John Lewis, libreboot, and autoboot on the
coreboot.org landing page.
- This list of things the community can improve can be seen on page 8
of Marcj's community involvement presentation from Bonn:

* Discuss next coreboot meetings (Paris, Americas, Bonn 2016)
- Paris in April 2016, US meeting in October 2016, Bonn in April 2017?
- requires more lead time for travel scheduling at orgs
- e.g. Some USG orgs need to know foreign travel on Dec. 31 of previous year
- Need some kind of conference org team
- Need a strategy to reuse planning docs for future events
 - Martin will make a shared GDrive folder.

* Deleting mainboards / code
- ibm e325/e326 should go. (says the guy who put them there originally)
- newisys khepri should go.
- Stefan contacted Via to see if they want to keep some old stuff alive.

* Branch strategy - Do we need a plan for branching off a portion of
the  existing code and mainboards to reduce maintenance and make it
easier  to go forward?  5.0 branch?
- short-term proposal: boards that aren’t in board-status are deleted
after release 4.4. This gives 6 months to get boards into
- long-term proposal: in 3 years (eg. 2019-01-01), boards need to be
testable for every commit (eg. REACTS). Ideally, vendors should be
able to run board-testing on their own.

* coreboot 4.2 release
- Finish it this week
- Need to do some testing across hardware

* Tool for dealing with subsystem maintainers
- Stefan will send out more information on what needs to be done

* Releasing meeting notes
- Martin to format and release meeting notes.

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