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Sun Nov 8 16:08:23 CET 2015

Oh, another thing : I just realized that I haven't selected the three choice configuration for this pool (yes, maybe yes, not), so I will interpret all the positive results as a "weak" yes (yes if needed..)

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I would like to remind everybody that there is a doodle about the organisation of the next coreboot meeting (hackaton) -> 
I kindly ask you to answer this pool, because it will help me to determine the optimal time frame for this event. Even if you aren't sure 100%, answer please, this is only an indicative pool for me..
It is very import to know how many people are (even remotely..) interested, especially if the event has to be organized at an early date (say just after the FOSDEM 2016..).

By the way, I would like to make a suggestion : if the pool results finally converge to some kind of "bipolar distribution" ( ;-) ), i.o.w. there is a group of people who favor a spring meeting and another group who favor a fall meeting, maybe we should "split" the coreboot hackaton and make 2 "sub-hackatons".. ;-) But in this case, someone else should pick up the task to organise the other meeting, because I cannot manage alone two coreboot meetings in one year..

What do you think?


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So, I think in the next day, we should pick the location and date for the
"spring" meeting. I'd also suggest it be a 6 month interval between
meetings, which is the other reason I thought end of  january was a bit too

Sound OK?

What Stefan says is very true. I have friends here in the US who must have
2016 travel approved by dec. 31 2015.


On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 4:32 PM Stefan Reinauer <stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org>

> * David Hendricks <dhendrix at google.com> [151102 21:00]:
> > Piggybacking on other conferences can certainly help overseas
> travellers. Are
> > there other major conferences later in the year?
> >
> > Hosting after FOSDEM 2016 actually seems ideal and it will be in
> Brussels (<2
> > hours away by train, or <1 hour by flight). It is a bit soon after the
> Bonn
> > conference, though but maybe that won't matter? This isn't intended to
> be a big
> > formal event anyway. If you get enough community members in the Doodle
> poll I
> > think you should go for it :-)
> I also want to double stress the importance of getting an official
> invitation out early is crucial. People from overseas might need to go
> through a visa application process to attend, which might take several
> months (and is not seldomly tied to an official invitation)
> Stefan
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