[coreboot] Removal of AGESA - to be or NOT to be? A story of G505S

Alex G. mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 10:18:16 CET 2015

On 11/06/2015 02:11 AM, Vladimir wrote:
> * Did you know that Lenovo G505S is still widely available at some parts
> of the world? (e.g. in Russia, 50+ online shops are still selling it)

Yeah, I wrote most of the code for that.

> * Did you know that Francis Rowe, head Libreboot developer, has proposed
> the addition of G505S to Coreboot LTS Candidates list of laptops?

Did you know that G505s is unsuitable for libreboot due to the many
blobs it needs (VBIOS, SMU, IMC, make your pick) ?

> * Did you know that Compal will still be making LA-A091P laptop
> motherboard, the primary component of G505S, at least until the end of
> 2018 year?

And this is based on what?

> It is unbelievable that some people here want to take alive-and-kicking
> motherboard and 'remove it'

I wrote most of the code to get it running in the first place.

> or degrade it into a 'second class citizen' - by branching

Geesh! Why don't you take over full maintainership of AGESA before
whining why people who worked on that code no longer want to support it?

> it off to some abandoned branch that nobody would care about.

You would obviously care about it, so that's a moot point.

> Don't know which is worse...

I agreed to leave these discussions behind. I don't know why people
_still_ keep bringing it up.

>>>> Someone wrote:

That was me

>> I'm looking forward to seeing the draft of the removal plans. Maybe
>> removal is even better than branching

Yes. Because everything is black and white. We either keep everything in
a "master" branch, or it's dead.

> If Someone doesn't care about those boards which he doesn't own own, if
> Someone has no idea how to set up makefiles so that they will not make
> builds for boards that he doesn't care about, if Someone can't wait a
> few more extra minutes of compilation because he is in a 'great hurry':

I also happen to run one of the build servers. Here's a deal, you pay
for 60% of the running costs of the server (the amount of time agesa
builds take out of total time), and I'll stop whining. You owe me $1300
for the year 2015, pal.

> then he should start his 'Removal Quest' from old boards like Intel I945
> and AMD K8 - if nobody runs coreboot on them anymore.
> Or from his own board, if his own board is EOL and old...

WOW! Guess what. You didn't git log AGESA boards. Hint: I'm "removing"
(your words, not mine) a lot of the code that I worked on.

> PLEASE do NOT submit proposals that will negatively affect a support for
> alive boards, because

If you want to treat logical separation as removal, that's on you. I'd
appreciate it if you stopped throwing baseless accusations around
because you feel that makes your argument stronger.

> such malevolent plans

Sure, I'm the enemy. I'm certain Stefan will love this one!

> are a great insult

I'm insulted by your portrayal of me as aforementioned. I've invested a
lot of my personal time and resources into coreboot, with nothing but
good intentions. I don't feel you truly have a grasp of all the facts
and headaches of doing coreboot on such a scale. So I'd really
appreciate you taking a step back and trying to get an overview every
once in a while.


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