[coreboot] setting up a bug tracker

Patrick Georgi pgeorgi at google.com
Tue Nov 3 19:17:31 CET 2015

Hey coreboot folks,

people were nagging me to set up a bug tracker for the project.

Last time we dicussed that, we mostly quibbled over the UI and data
model (whether the tracker should feature free form vs. structured
data bug entry), and that's a discussion I don't want to participate
in, so I'm staying out of the decision which bug tracker it should be.

My offer is: Figure out (collectively) what issue tracker is suitable
for coreboot, promise you'll help keeping it clean (so it doesn't
become a graveyard like our trac instance), and I'll set it up.

Only four constraints as far as I'm concerned:
1. It must be somewhat CPU efficient. Funnily that rules out trac.
2. It must be maintained. I have no interest in watching out for XSS
issues myself.
3. It must be OSI friendly licensed. Jira and similar "special license
for open source projects we like" stuff doesn't count.
4. It must run on Linux (since that's what the server uses)

It also shouldn't be too esoteric. I reserve the right to simply give
up if installing the tracker involves having to figure out how to set
up an S/360 emulator, then build the open source issue tracker using a
K compiler that can only be found on Abandonware websites that are
written in scripts (as in character sets) that I can't read.

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