[coreboot] Coreboot hackaton 2016 (proposal in Paris)

echelon at free.fr echelon at free.fr
Sun Nov 1 17:41:23 CET 2015

Dear coreboot friends,

As discussed briefly in the last minutes of the Bonn meeting, I propose 
to organize the next coreboot hackaton in Paris in 2016.
Here is my plan (in broad lines, to be refined subsequently):
  - the venue would be hosted by the Electrolab, the famous hackerspace in
 Paris (www.electrolab.fr);
  - this time the meeting would be more of the "hackaton type" as in "come
 when you want, stay as much you want and hack as much as you can.." ;-)
  - after some preliminary discussions with the Electrolab, the access to the lab
 would be granted during a full week from morning to midnight (except monday);
  - given that Electrolab features some "conference" or "teaching" rooms, it will
 be possible to organize even some conferences (or "lightning talks") but 
 I do not plan to impose a "tight" schedule, so everyone who is interested to speak
 about something will be able to do so in a "self-organized session" manner 
 (like those of the CCC Camp 2015);
  - for the logistic side : Electrolab can take care for the catering part (there 
 is a big kitchen in Electrolab!) but not for the accomodation part. For this one,
 I will take care myself and send a list of suitable hotels later if this event 
 will materialize..

Now, I would like to know if someone else is interested to organize the coreboot 
hackaton in 2016 (maybe your proposal would be better that mine in which case I'm
ready to withdraw my proposal!..) and also I invite you to answer the next Doodle :
 to have an idea of the number of people interested in this hackaton proposal.

Best regards,
 Florentin Demetrescu

PS : initially I planned to schedule this hackaton near the FOSDEM 2016, but after 
some discussions with Ron and Stefan, I realize that maybe this is not the best timeframe..

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