[coreboot] Enabling SeaBIOS

Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Fri Mar 20 01:07:20 CET 2015

All ChromiumOS firmware components and support tools are open source
(minus vendor blobs on certain platforms). The 'crossystem' and
'futility' (which contains 'gbb_utility' which is called by the
set_gbb_flags.sh script) tools are part of

set_gbb_flash.sh ultimately calls flashrom to update flags in the ROM,
which should hopefully "just work" under FreeBSD (assuming flashrom's
FreeBSD support is as good as the README suggests). 'crossystem
dev_boot_legacy=1' ultimately writes to CMOS on the C720 through
/dev/nvram, which seems to exist on FreeBSD so if you're lucky it will
also just work. (Note that if you were using an ARM Chromebook
instead, it would need to write to the embedded controller and you'd
be out of luck unless you wanted to port the (also open-source)
drivers for that.)

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