[coreboot] SeaBIOS boot menu key changed to ESC

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Mar 18 18:00:42 CET 2015

Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> > I can see this being a source of usability issues. Is there any way
> > to reasonably generate the message from the scan code?
> It's a pain to attempt to auto-generate the message.

Could an incorrect message at least be avoided?

How about crowdsourcing scan code translations? Include ESC, F12 and
a few others, print the scan code itself into the message for all
unknown scan codes in boot-menu-key, and accept patches (or not!)
for more scan codes.

> I don't think it is too hard to also update CBFS with the desired message.

It's not. I don't think it is too hard for SeaBIOS to at least not
output an incorrect instruction.

> FYI, the boot-menu-key / boot-menu-message files aren't new.  They
> were used in the past to change to ESC on several machines.  The
> only recent change is using ESC as the default.




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