[coreboot] questions about google/samus

Vadim Bendebury vbendeb at chromium.org
Fri Mar 13 16:25:38 CET 2015

Guys, I don't speak for Ron but I don't find his comment (apparently
sent in a emailed to a few folks but then made public (sic!)) elitist,
it was a matter of fact question.

I have been with Chromebook program pretty much from the very
beginning, and I can tell you that the public availability of FSP and
Coreboot support at Intel could not have been dreamed of even three
years ago.

Also, it is quite common among the SOC vendors to keep the early
initialization and memory initialization code a very close secret.

My $.02 (which might become as valuable as EU.02 any time now :)


On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 5:26 AM,  <echelon at free.fr> wrote:
> Ok Ron,
> We all recognise your efforts and don't deny that the question of the binary blobs" is a very complex and "politicaly hot" one..
> But (and I speak here from a STRICTLY personal point of view) it is the fashion you chose to lecture Paul than I found not very nice..
> I sense a trace of elitism in your atitude (like you "GODs" have the exclusive right to acces some secrets and we "mere mortals" have even no right to think about these "things"..) I for one cannot swallow that!..
> Just my 2 (euro-cents)
>  Florentin
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> On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 4:41 AM <echelon at free.fr> wrote:
>> Sorry Ron,
>> What is his crime?
>> Thought crime?..
>>  Florentin
> The problem with people making comments like this:
>> > Sadly, I don’t think Google has understood how much power they have over
>> > Intel with their Chromebook and Chromebox success. RAM initialization is
>> > for example still a BLOB
> is that people who don't know what's going on might take Paul's comments
> seriously, and the next thing we know we're seeing mistakes like the Purism
> laptop.
> It's also not very nice, given the amount of effort that we have made over
> the years to get the blobs opened up, for Paul to claim that we "don't
> understand how much power we have." Unless you've been involved in these
> discussions, you can't possibly understand how difficult they are.
> ron
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