[coreboot] set for a raid system

Milton Krutt milton at krutt.org
Thu Mar 12 13:55:56 CET 2015

Thanks Paul.

> so, software RAID is fine too?
What about hardware based ones?

> As you wrote small, I suggest the ASRock E350M1 [1] or the Jetway
> NF81-T56N-LF [2].
> If I’m right, the chipset can also set up a RAID, but you need the AHCI
> firmware for it (see `SB800_AHCI_ROM`). Though in the end that’s also
> just a software RAID, so you can use, for example, Linux’ mdraid right
> away.

Which proprietary parts do [1] and [2] need to work?

For instance, I saw that VGA works for the Jetaway, but the entry
does not say if I need some proprietary firmware. (While for the ASrock
seems quite obvious that I need the blob).


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