[coreboot] [flashrom] New flashrom logo - fonts

Stefan Tauner stefan.tauner at alumni.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Mar 11 14:30:08 CET 2015

This will be the last poll that evaluates specific features of the
logo. There may be another one to determine the final design.

I have selected a variety of fonts that I think are OK for a logo in
terms of thickness and "playfulness". Not all of them are free but I
have included them in the poll anyway to get a better feeling about
general preferences.


On Sun, 8 Mar 2015 18:07:51 +0100
Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at alumni.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:

> Do you know what we haven't done in a long time? A poll! ;)
> This time it's all about a few different flash symbols summarized in
> the attached image.
> http://epicdecide.com/123fe27d-a4ff-4ab1-9bcd-b5efb267bdd5/
> Please consider voting in the first two polls if you have not yet:
> Basic choices:
> http://epicdecide.com/bac504d1-0061-46c4-ac7c-9beecaba87e0/
> Colors:
> http://epicdecide.com/3dc56f58-59f9-4921-b048-4cb89b48a09b/

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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