[coreboot] [Mohon Peak] Console output on external UARTs behind PCIe

Patrick Agrain patrick.agrain at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed Mar 11 11:01:35 CET 2015

Thanks Marc and Kyösti for your hints.

As I'm just discovering coreboot and its multiple possibilities, please 
apologize if my questions seems "too simple"... ;-)

A) UART Type
 From Kconfig file in ./src/drivers/uart, the valid ID for the oxpcie is 
I can obtain this ID on my Startech board only when I strapped it as 
"native UART" (Startech documentation), that is : memory-mapped.

 From Kconfig file in ./src/console, there is following sentence : 
"Supporting multiple different types of UARTs in one build is not 
Q: Am I correct if I translate this like : "Use only memory-mapped or 
IO-mapped UARTs, but not both at the same time." ?

B) Memory-mapped UART required options
 From the answers received, I would say that the required options (in 
make menuconfig) would be:
- In "Generic Drivers": validate Oxford OXPCIe952 and de-validate 
"Serial Port on SuperIO".

- In "Devices": Set the device and function numbers of the PCie bridge, 
behind which is connected the Startech board. On Mohon Peak, it's D1-F0.
Q: What about the MMIO window base ? Is it the memory address of the 
UARTs, defined by the values in the BAR registers ?

- in "Console": Validate "Serial Port Console Output".
Q: What about the index of the "Serial Port console output" ? IMHO, 
there are only valid for IO-mapped UART. Correct ?

Q: Am I missing anything ?

Thanks in advance for the time you want to spent on it.

Le 06/03/2015 19:01, Marc Jones a écrit :
> Hi Patrick,
> You can look at the Oxford pcie card and 8250MEM drivers for reference:
> src/drivers/uart/oxpcie*
> src/drivers/uart/uart8250mem*
> Marc
> On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 9:37 AM Patrick Agrain 
> <patrick.agrain at alcatel-lucent.com 
> <mailto:patrick.agrain at alcatel-lucent.com>> wrote:
>     Hello everybody,
>     Do you think that it would be possible to output the console messages
>     from coreboot (seabios) on another UART port (strapped to be
>     visible on
>     Memory-based space or IO Space) connected on a PCIe slot ?
>     I've purchased a StarTech UART board with an OXPCIe952 chip, with the
>     same IDs as visible in ./src/drivers/uart/oxpcie.c.
>     On
>     http://www.coreboot.org/Serial_console#PCIe.2FMini_PCIe_based_serial_cards,
>     what is behind the sentence:
>     "In order to use the card for romstage debugging, minimal setup of the
>     PCIe bridge and the MPEX2S952 have to be added to romstage.c" ?
>     Thanks in advance.
>     Best regards,
>     Patrick Agrain
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