[coreboot] AMD Trinity graphics test failure.

유택연 tkyoo at foxeyes.com
Sun Mar 8 09:46:47 CET 2015

Hello Guys,

I have ported Coreboot + SeaBIOS to my custom board with Trinity APU with
their A75 south bridge.
This is very similar to DB-FP2 (thatcher).

Linux successfully booted and operating seems to OK.
But Windows 7 installation was failed after the first loading screen
(Windows flag).
Seems to be stopped at this stage, only flag is waving infenitely.

I can't passed AMD's board production test tool (GPU testing) under Ubuntu
This tool said "resource allocation failure!".

Reference boards, Thatcher and Parmer, has not this problem.
I don't know what is the problem.

Anyone experienced this problem ?

Taikyon Yoo
tkyoo at foxeyes.com
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