[coreboot] Fallback mechanism fails to build on Lenovo T60

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 7 10:21:45 CET 2015

Dear coreboot folks,

trying to build a normal/fallback image [1] for the Lenovo T60 fails
with the following error.

        $ make
        fatal: Repository '/src/nvidia-cbootimage.git' existiert nicht.
        Klonen von '/src/nvidia-cbootimage.git' in Submodul-Pfad 'util/nvidia/cbootimage' fehlgeschlagen
            LINK       cbfs/normal/romstage_null.debug
        BFD: build/cbfs/normal/romstage_null.debug: warning: Empty loadable segment detected, is this intentional ?
        nm: build/cbfs/normal/romstage_null.offenders: no symbols
            OBJCOPY    cbfs/normal/romstage_null.elf
            OBJCOPY    cbfs/normal/romstage_null.bin
            GEN        generated/romstage.ld
            LINK       cbfs/normal/romstage.debug
            OBJCOPY    cbfs/normal/romstage.elf
            CBFS       coreboot.pre
            OBJCOPY    cpu/x86/smm/smm_wrap.ramstage.o
            CC         generated/ramstage.o
            CC         cbfs/normal/ramstage.debug
            OBJCOPY    cbfs/normal/ramstage.elf
            CBFS       coreboot.rom
            PAYLOAD    payload.elf (compression: LZMA)
            SeaBIOS    Wait up to 3000 ms for PS/2 keyboard controller initialization
        E: 'etc/ps2-keyboard-spinup' already in ROM image.
        Makefile.inc:555: recipe for target 'build/coreboot.rom' failed
        make: *** [build/coreboot.rom] Error 1

Any ideas, how to deal with it? Just ignore the error in `Makefile.inc`?

        ifneq ($(CONFIG_SEABIOS_PS2_TIMEOUT),)
        ifneq ($(CONFIG_SEABIOS_PS2_TIMEOUT),0)
        	@printf "    SeaBIOS    Wait up to $(CONFIG_SEABIOS_PS2_TIMEOUT) ms for PS/2 keyboard controller initialization\n"
        	$(CBFSTOOL) $@.tmp add-int -i $(CONFIG_SEABIOS_PS2_TIMEOUT) -n etc/ps2-keyboard-spinup

Looking through `Makefile.inc` there might be more places where this
might blow up.



[1] http://www.coreboot.org/Fallback_mechanism
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