[coreboot] Intel Q45 chipset support

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Mon Mar 2 20:31:31 CET 2015

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 9:24 AM, Darmawan Salihun
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> Hi,
> I have checked the list of supported chipset and board but it seems
> that Intel Q45 is not yet in the list. I recall, this chipset is the
> same family with Intel gm45. Anyway, the specific board I'm going to
> port into is Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2 Rev.1. This board has Intel Q45
> northbridge and ICH10(DO) southbridge, SuperIO ITE8720F

Keep in mind this chipset uses memory init not in the public Intel
datasheets. Unless it is extremely similar to the GM45, any port will
require MCH code from Intel, a very high level NDA, or reverse

> Questions:
> 1. Which part of the code that I need to read to add support for this
> Intel Q45 and i82801J-DO?
> I've been reading the coreboot/src/northbridge/intel/gm45/ section and
> coreboot/src/southbridge/intel/i82801ix so far.

You'll need to add new folders for your code in the same locations,
and modify the config files in the */intel/ folders to bring your code
into the build process. You may also need to add your CPU, I don't
know what the state of LGA775 CPUs is. You'll then have to create a
folder in coreboot/src/mainboard/ to pull it all together.

> 2. The SuperIO (ITE 8720F) is also not in the source code it seems. I
> saw ITE 8721F in there but no ITE 8720F

2. Compare the datasheets, most likely the 8721F and 8720F are
configured the same, or possibly it is the same as some other ITE
chipset. If it is, you can just point your mainboard code to that
code. If not, you may have to port it as well.


> Thanks in advance.
> Kind Regards,
> Darmawan
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