[coreboot] Intel Q45 chipset support

Darmawan Salihun darmawan.salihun at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 15:24:49 CET 2015


I have checked the list of supported chipset and board but it seems
that Intel Q45 is not yet in the list. I recall, this chipset is the
same family with Intel gm45. Anyway, the specific board I'm going to
port into is Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2 Rev.1. This board has Intel Q45
northbridge and ICH10(DO) southbridge, SuperIO ITE8720F

1. Which part of the code that I need to read to add support for this
Intel Q45 and i82801J-DO?
I've been reading the coreboot/src/northbridge/intel/gm45/ section and
coreboot/src/southbridge/intel/i82801ix so far.
2. The SuperIO (ITE 8720F) is also not in the source code it seems. I
saw ITE 8721F in there but no ITE 8720F

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

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