[coreboot] Help With port Coreboot to HP XW8400

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Fri Jan 30 01:47:37 CET 2015

user7 writes:
> Hello All.
> I have problem with port coreboot to HP XW8400. http://i.imgur.com/fFqTk95.png
> http://h50146.www5.hp.com/lib/doc/manual/workstation/xw8400/364898-001.pdf
> i want install on it Intel Xeon x54xx but i can install only x53xx.
> This motherboard have:
> Intel 5000X Chip.
> Intel =C2=AE 631xESB/632xESB I/O Controller Hub (ESB2)
> LSI SAS 1064 I/O Controller
> BCM5752 - Broadcom
> I check in coreboot siete and support chipset is 5000P, and I have 5000X it=
>  is possilble to easy port coreboot on my platform?

I tried a similar experiment with putting an x54xx in an xw6400 (but not 
with cooreboot). It didn't work with the vendor BIOS (but maybe this is 
what you are trying to solve?) Here's a thread about it


Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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