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On Sat Jan 17 2015 at 8:12:20 PM Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <
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> Hi Marc,
> thanks for writing this up.
> On 16.01.2015 19:15, Marc Jones wrote:
> > A coreboot code of conduct has been posted on the wiki.
> >   - http://www.coreboot.org/Code_of_Conduct
> >
> > I have written a blog post about why we have a code of conduct.
> >   - http://blogs.coreboot.org/blog/2015/01/16/coreboot-code-of-conduct/
> >
> > Feel free to give feedback on the policy and how else we can contribute
> to
> > a welcoming and collaborative environment.
> Given that the Code of Conduct has been announced publicly in a blog
> post, the feedback is probably expected to be public as well. Apologies
> if that is not the case.
> The current wording suggests that anyone can be expelled from the
> community permanently without warning for either perceived harrassment
> or for strongly enforcing the code of conduct. This is probably not the
> intention.
> Open discussion is acceptable.

> Furthermore, the second paragraph of "Unacceptable Behaviour" is either
> redundant or woefully incomplete. If you really think the word
> "harassing" from the first paragraph needs to be defined, you should
> define the other words from the first paragraph "intimidating",
> "abusive", "discriminatory", "derogatory" and "demeaning" as well. I
> suggest deleting that second paragraph.
I'll disagree. Harassment is the most common problem in online communities
and warrants the paragraph about those unacceptable behaviors.  Defining
every other term would not make this policy any more robust.

> Please define "community organizers". Did you mean "arbitration team"?
> Or is it the community members present at an event?
It isn't not meant to be specific to an arbitration team. These members may
not be present in all cases and organizers of events and online communities
should uphold the good standards of the community.

> How can we deploy this against people not part of our community? If
> they're not part of the community in the first place, it is by
> definition impossible to exclude them from our community and the Code of
> Conduct in its current form does not apply. If, on the other hand, we
> define everyone on the mailing list, everyone on IRC and everyone
> visiting our booths at various conferences and trade shows as being part
> of our community, we're going to overshoot the mark. I don't want to be
> guilty by association just because some troll on IRC joins all channels,
> spews some random offensive crap and disappears.
It applies to everyone that participates in coreboot communication, online,
at an event or in a conference booth. People that are not up to this
standard of behavior are not welcome in our community and they should be
asked to leave. If a troll joins and spams the channel, clearly ask them to
leave. If they don't leave report them to a channel or IRCOP. If there is a
question of the policy or of a behavior, please contact an organizer or
someone from the arbitration team.

Thanks for the feedback.

> That said, I think having a Code of Conduct may eventually prove helpful
> in case we have to deal with problems.

> Regards,
> Carl-Daniel
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