[coreboot] Superfluous commit messages from gerrit

Vadim Bendebury vbendeb at chromium.org
Fri Jan 9 04:52:05 CET 2015

Ouch, sounds like you really had it with gerrit :)

While I agree that lots of information could be omitted and it would
make more sense if only those who +1'ed or +2'ed  a pach were
mentioned, why do you care so mach?

And of course Change-ID is essential: the same patch can have
different SHA1 because of rebases and might have different versions as
a result of the reviews, and could be merged into multiple branches,

The amount of email gerrit generates though could be easily cat to 25%
and still be sufficient. There is a gerrit bug opened for that.


On Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 8:32 PM, mrnuke <mr.nuke.me at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I was looking at our git log. I can fit two, maybe three commits if I'm
> lucky. It's terrible. We have all this redundant information. We have both
> "Reviewed-on" and "Change-Id" lines. Those only point to the same resource.
> The "Tested-by" is useless. It's always Jenkins who tests changes. Then you
> have a "Reviewed-by" for every person who ever bikeshed on said patch. Since
> Paul has to say something on every single patch, he always has his own line in
> almost every commit.
> "Reviewed-by" is not the same as "Acked-by". I've seen acked-by used to let
> linux folks know that some maintainer/big guy with more credentials than the
> author already likes the patch. Though Acked-by is not necessary, even for
> linux. Come to think of it, the only piece of information needed to find a
> commit on our gerrit is the hash. All the other lines, except for the "Signed-
> off-by" are redundant. "Reviewed-on" and "Change-Id" will take you to the same
> place as the commit hash. All the crap added by gerrit is redundant.
> Now add a patch that comes from our Chromium friends, and you've doubled the
> size of said pork. Is it convenient to have all that information in the commit
> message? Maybe. Is it necessary? Definitely not. Those lines are useful for
> tracking a patch, but once it's +2'd and submitted, gerrit should strip out
> all that pork. We might not even use gerrit anymore a few years down the road.
> Adding all this crap is pointless.
> It's time to drop the crap.
> Alex
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