[coreboot] No video output with Bay Trail

Yang, York york.yang at intel.com
Mon Jan 5 23:46:12 CET 2015

Did you use the latest code and Baytrail Gold3 FSP?  I can see VGA output on Intel Bayley Bay board just selecting platform right and enable "configure defaults for Intel FSP" and gives all binary (FSP, VBIOS, microcode) correct path.  Do you have serial debug message dump?  It can help to identify some error.

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I have an Aaeon EMB-BT1 with an Intel Atom E3845 CPU. I've successfully built coreboot specifying "Bayley Bay CRB (FSP)" as the "Mainboard model".

When I boot the machine after programming the flash with coreboot, I see lots of output on the serial line including output indicating that SeaBIOS has started.

However, I don't see any output on the video display on either HDMI or VGA. Here are my .config settings relating to video/VGA:


What do I need to do to get video output?

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