[coreboot] Plans for upcoming Broadwell Thinkpads

Zaolin zaolin at das-labor.org
Fri Feb 6 13:29:02 CET 2015


new thinkpad's can't be used anymore for coreboot. Especially the U and
Y Intel CPU Series.
They come with Intel Boot Guard and you are won't be able to boot
anything which is unsigned and
not approved by OEM. This means the OEM are fusing SHA256 public key
hashes into the southbridge.

For more details take a look at Intel Boot Guard architecture. It could
be also confirmed by Secunet AG and Google.

Regards Zaolin
> I should probably not post about any Thinkpads till I get to test the
> T410s port... but anyway has anybody considered a port for the incoming
> Broadwell Thinkpads - especially the T450s? It would definitely be a
> plus to know that there will be others hacking at it as well before
> buying ;)

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