[coreboot] Porting Libreboot to the C201 Chromebook (veyron_speedy)

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Thu Dec 24 06:47:46 CET 2015

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  > The GPU is a Mali T764, on which Luc has been doing some early work to
  > have free software support for it. It is uncertain[0] how long it will
  > take to have an usable free replacement for it, but now that there is
  > that hardware available, free graphics for Mali T GPUs would mean having
  > a recent laptop running fully free software, down to the firmware level,
  > without losing any major hardware feature, something that has hardly
  > ever been achieved yet. Thus, I believe it is of the utmost importance
  > to back Luc up on this,

What support does he need?

  >  even if big players like ARM are trying hard to
  > make Lima not happen and to make it difficult for Luc to keep going.

What is ARM doing to Lima?

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