[coreboot] HP M6-1035dx vga bios option rom

KR Tejeda kr at openmailbox.org
Sat Dec 19 05:11:15 CET 2015


   I have just started playing with coreboot and BIOS flashing, so
please forgive the noobness.  I recently acquired an HP Pavilion
M6-1035dx to install coreboot as mentioned in the wiki.  I made a few
noob mistakes along the way.  First, I wiped the hard drive entirely
and installed Linux to try running flashrom from the native OS (hence
any factory recovery partition has been wiped). Second, I built a
coreboot.rom image without using the supplied .config file from the
wiki.  I just used a vanilla configuration, which didn't work at all,
not surprisingly.  

Once I found the right config settings, I realized that I never backed
up the stock BIOS ROM or extracted any option ROMs.  This is where I
gave my forehead a good slap.  Now, I'm able to build a semi-working
coreboot ROM that I can flash via ISP and a R-Pi.  I can tell that it
almost works because the system seems to boot fine, and I can see the
hostname in the router.  I would probably even be able to SSH in if I
had enabled sshd before the goof-up. The only (fatal) problem is that
the screen is completely blank.  No VGA support, obviously.

So, I'm convinced that if I had the right VGA BIOS option ROM, I could
probably get it to work as desired. I've tried to restore a stock
vendor bios rom to extract the vga bios from, but since I wiped the
hard drive and since I no longer have DVD support via coreboot, I cannot
seem to restore the stock bios rom from the HP site in any reasonable
way. I've tried flashing it via flashrom, and I've also tried extracting
the contents of the stock rom with no luck.

Does anyone here have any pointers or ideas that I could try? Or
perhaps someone has the right rom file laying around they could
kindly share? I've scoured all over the net, and the best I could
find was a mention in the config file of including
"1035_dxvgabios.bin", which seems to have been extracted locally.  I'm
stumped at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

much thanks,


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