[coreboot] baytrail + fsp_baytrail

Ben Gardner gardner.ben at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 19:26:05 CET 2015

>> 3) Make the baytrail directory structures look as similar again -
>> rename the soc/fsp_baytrail/baytrail include directory to
>> soc/fsp_baytrail/soc/include to match what was done with soc/baytrail.
>> Or we can rename them both to just soc/(fsp_)baytrail/include.
>> Something, so long as they match.
> I'm OK with reducing duplication and unnecessary differences.
> There seems to be plenty of duplicate header files.
> Without a similar tree structure and filenames, it is difficult to
> compare the trees, so I'd sync that first.

I submitted a patch to rename the fsp_baytrail/baytrail folder to

It touched a lot of code that I don't normally compile, so I'm waiting
on the build results to see what may have broke.

It is all automated with grep and sed (commands in the commit
message), except for the Makefile.inc change to add the folder to the
include path.
Please take a look.


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