[coreboot] desktop debacle

Shawn C shawnc10 at hushmail.com
Thu Sep 25 06:51:56 CEST 2014

Shot in the dark, but interesting questions nonetheless:

Are there any commercially built desktops/workstations available (age
not a factor) that will accept and run coreboot/linux bios without any
alteration other than flasing the bios to coreboot ? I cannot use any
Google product, although I wish I could because that would be an easy

I found this that already has CB, but it's very weak for the asking


Also see this, but no idea how much it costs, if you can order just
one, or if you can flash your own OS onto it:


Lastly, I could probably try to assemble a PC online, with what I
think would be compatible parts using the lists:


I just don't want to spend the cash if it won't boot, since I don't
have alot of computer knowledge. Perhaps one of you kind souls could
pick the essential parts for me on that site, with me adding some
specs and guidelines, and I'd compensate for your time. I've checked
around many places to see if a tech could build something for me and
mostly I am met with silence, no one seems to know what coreboot is. 


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