[coreboot] Baytrail SD card interface

Wen Wang wen.wang at adiengineering.com
Thu Sep 18 19:42:56 CEST 2014

Hi Martin,

Any updates on SD card support?



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     I'll push a patch for the muxing - I'd been meaning to do this and just
got behind.

   I don't believe that SeaBIOS yet supports boot from SD (without a USB
translator).  Sage pushed a preliminary patch supporting SD boot on specific
platforms to the SeaBIOS mailing list a while back, but I don't believe that
worked on Bay Trail, and I don't believe that any additional work has been
done on the patches since then.

The thread starts here:

Here's a link to the patch:

Hi Julien,
   Were those boards using Bay Trail and booting coreboot / SeaBIOS?  
I'm assuming you just meant that SD boot works in general.


On 08/07/2014 08:16 AM, Wen Wang wrote:
> Julien,
> Thanks much for the information!  We must have missed something.  For 
> SD card, we have SD enabled in fsp, and the GPIO mux configured in 
> coreboot. Is there anything else we need to do?  Did you have to do
anything in seabios?
> Thanks,
> Wen
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> Wen,
> SD Card , SD Card Boot work. We have designed several Boards with SD 
> Card Boot.
> Although I would recommend USB3 Boot as it's a magnitude faster.
> Regards
> Julien Snell
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> Hello all,
> Does the current baytrail fsp coreboot code support SD/uSD card interface?
> Is anybody able to get it to work on Bayley Bay CRB? It does not seem 
> to work on our CRB. We checked the SD3_PWREN signal, it always remains 
> high and therefore the SD card doesn't get any power.
> Thanks,
> Wen
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