[coreboot] How to translate a PCI_DEV macro to struct device (device_t)?

Ricardo Menzer ricardomenzer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 21:57:37 CEST 2014

Hi guys,
I'm trying to port an old Intel version of coreboot for tunnelcreek to
a newer version of the coreboot code.

I'm stuck at a point in which the boot stops at get_pbus(device_t dev)
because dev is NULL (0x0).

I think the problem is in a function that calls pci_write_config32,
but using PCI_DEV(0,0,0) to access the bus 0, device 0, function 0.
PCI_DEV(0,0,0) evaluates to 0x0, which get_pbus interprets as a NULL
pointer. This is used in the 'dev' parameter of pci_write_config32.

I looked at the source code and in the mailing list, but couldn't find
a way to pass a correct dev parameter to the function.
I'm also not so sure I am in the right path. I may be confusing thing
a little, since I'm no so experienced in x86 hardware and firmware
levels. I'm also learning coreboot at my own, it's a lot of
information at the same time being pushed at my brain! ;)

I appreciate any help and clarifications!

Thank you very much!

Ricardo Menzer
ricardomenzer at gmail.com
+55 (32) 8865-8805

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